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Tufted Studios

Tufted Cherry Bomb Rug

Tufted Cherry Bomb Rug

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The Tufted Cherry Bomb Rug is a one of a kind, hand tufted masterpiece. This custom rug is inspired by the iconic album cover from Tyler the Creator's groundbreaking album. This area rug captures the vibrant essence of the "Cherry Bomb" album art with precision and flair. Its plush texture and vivid colors make it an ideal choice for adding a bold statement to any room, while paying homage to a cultural milestone. Elevate your space with this tufted rug, integrating your love of music into your home. 

  • Constructed with non-allergenic acrylic
  • Designed to withstand high foot traffic
  • Features effective non-slip backing  
  • Very easy to clean
  • Crafted with care and perfection
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